Forpost CVR

Forpost Cloud Video Recorder

Optimal cloud CCTV solution for small objects up to 8 cameras and multiple geographically ditributed objects.

Forpost CVR is an actual replacement for local video recorder without its disadvantages. All you need to create a fully functional CCTV system is to mount IP cameras and сonnect them to Forpost CVR service. Forpost cloud solution supports all traditional local video recorder functions improving and extending them.


We welcome to cooperate all companies selling and installing CCTV, security and fire alarm systems, as well as Internet Service Providers

We offer to include our cloud product to your price list and provide different attractive models of commercial terms.

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Affordable price

You only pay for the number of cameras you really need. Price »

Easy to set-up & connect

All you need to set up the camera is an internet connection. Register »

Intuitive user interface

Cameras anbd recordings are available from anywhere in the world via web browser or native iOS/Android application. Demo »

Reliable & safe storage

All video recordings are stored outside of the monitored object, in the Forpost cloud, using data redundancy technology. Data Centers »


Geographically distributed objects

Forpost Cloud CCTV is an ideal solution to monitor several geographically distributed objects. It allows to connect unlimited number of cameras (channels) to single system

You don't need to buy a separate local video recorder for each object, monitor its availability and recording status. You get simple and easy to use interface to combine several IP cameras on one single screen and connect additional ones when you need.

Supervise your staff and customers

Forpost Cloud CCTV allows businesses to quickly set up staff monitoring system: check presence, estimate efficiency, analyze customer flow

Access to live view and recording from the internet browser and mobile application makes video surveillance available to non-professionals

Secure property and territory

Forpost Cloud CCTV is a fully functional replacement for traditional local video surveillance system. It allows theft monitoring, identify people passing checkpoint, recognize car number plates.

Control video and audio stream from all cameras on one workplace. View syncronized recording from several cameras. Monitor camera status and signal.


Joint Video Surveillance

Forpost Cloud CVR allows to set up a video surveillance of apartment houses via Internet. Controlling doorways, parked vehicles and other property reduces crime, theft and damage and allows to control servicing organizations.

Access to live view and archive recordings can be given to dedicated managers or apartment owners.

Secure Private Property

Forpost Cloud CCTV doesn't require to install local video registrator so there is now way video recordings can be damaged or stolen.

The owner can access live view and archive anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Apartment Video Surveillance

Forpost Cloud CCTV is an ideal solution for audio/video surveillance in the flat: there is no initial cost for local video registrator.

The system allows to secure the property and take care of children and elderly people.

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