Online Access

After connecting camera to Forpost user can view it from anywhere in the world using common web browser. The following Internet browsers are supported:

On the smartphone the system is available using dedicated applications for Apple iOS and Android:

Real-time Video Surveillance

Forpost supports all camera resolutions including HD (1280x720) and FullHD (1920x1080). If your camera has a microphone Forpost will provide access to audio track

While in live view you can control the following video and audio options:

  • Number of cameras on the screen
  • Zoom in/out the image
  • Control microphone level for each camera
  • Change image quality (resolution, bitrate, buffer size)
  • Point-to-Zoom (for PTZ-enabled cameras)
  • Download current image to local PC

Archive continuous and motion detection recording

Video and audio signal is sent to a cloud archive and stored there for agreed time. You can play or download and video fragment

While using video archive you can:

  • Change play speed from 1x to 8x
  • Jump to any time fragment
  • View only fragments with motion detected
  • Dowload any fragment to your local PC
  • Change number of cameras displayed on screen
  • Zoom in/out the image
  • Control microphone level for each camera

Notifications motion detection and problems

The system can be configured to send you a notification each time the motion is detected or problem occured. You can choose one of these notification options:

Notifications can be scheduled by days of week, hours and sent to specific recipients.

Access Restrictions

Forpost divides access levels to the system to common and administrative. An Administrator can create other users and set up access privileges for them, add cameras and monitor added cameras.

Standard user has the rights given him by an Administrator: live view, archive playback, access only to specific cameras.

The Map

Forpost allows to group cameras by monitored object and link objects to geographical location on the map.

Realtime Forpost Demo

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